Calapeppa B&B - Vicolo Cassarelli 5, (90133) Palermo - +39 351 5244004

Teatro Massimo

It is located 20 minutes from our B&B but before reaching it you will meet the Vucciria market which has the particularity of being a day market w [..]
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18 min (1,3 km)
Starting from our B & b you will arrive at Politeama in just under twenty-five minutes on foot but before getting there on the way in the streets [..]
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14 min (1,1 km)
Our Cathedral is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the oldest street in Palermo, called "Cassaro" until some time ago. Our advice is to vi [..]
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Palazzo Mirto

7 min (500 m)
Palazzo Mirto is a historic building in Palermo. Palazzo Mirto incorporates in its original structures, a nucleus of ancient houses that once belonged [..]
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Castello a mare

7 min (600 m)
The Castello a Mare is located in the Archaeological Park of Castellammare, near the Cala, in the Loggia district, north of the port of Palermo It [..]
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Chiesa San Domenico

4 min (280 m)
The church of San Domenico is the second most important church in Palermo after the cathedral and is located in the square of the same name in the La [..]
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